Clip Strips

Clip Strips®

Clip Strip Corp. has a large selection of merchandising strip styles to choose from. We will help you match the right display strips with your product. Choose from plastic or metal strips; all shapes and all sizes; with hooks, clips or adhesives.

Some of our various merchandising strips include the original Clip Strip®, the Posi-Lok™ and the Econo Strip®. The original Clip Strip® is designed so items can be clipped or hooked onto the strip. The Posi-Lok™ is the obvious choice for heavier, bulkier merchandise. Our Econo Strips® are available in many different styles. These hang strips are designed to support lighter items, and they come with shorter or longer spacing to better adapt to the size of the object being displayed.

Our Sticky Strips™ are ideal for a wide variety of packages that don't have hang-holes. The patented adhesive allows products to stick well, making loading fast and easy. It also allows customers to easily re-attach items themselves. Sticky Strips™ displays always look great., Our Clever Clip Style Merchandising Strips are perfect for hanging small stuffed animals and other bulky items. Strong plastic clips that hang from the chain allow you to display items securely. Though offered in two standard lengths, they can also be easily customized to suit your special needs.

Our metal strip systems are the most strong and durable. They are re-usable and hold the heaviest, "strip-able" items. We have Metal Merchandising Strips, Double-Sided Metal Merchandising Strips and the Free Standing Snack Rack - all employing the same basic construction. Our snack racks are perfect for the checkout counter to display impulse items.

Additional Clip Strip® accessories include Adapter Clips, Locking Screws, metal and plastic strip hangers and S-hooks. S-Hooks are the most common method used to attach strips to a variety of store equipment.

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