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Hang Tabs, Types & Uses

Hang tabs aide in the merchandising of product on peg hooks or on Clip Strip® Merchandisers. Easy to use and adhere to packaging, hang tabs eliminate the need for expensive additional packaging costs while providing products merchandising flexibility at the store. They are clear which provides no blocking of package design or product information.

Our line of Hang Tabs (which are also known as by many as hang tags) are the most popular and versatile available, all made of the best standards in the industry. We carry delta style, flexible and slot, box-top fold up, round hole and J hook style tabs.

They encourage “Impulse Sales”, which are a very critical part in retail revenue. Hang tabs play a big part of the “impulse” strategy for manufacturers and retailers globally. They bring product to the eye level of customers in strategic spots throughout the store which aides in enticing customers to make that unintended purchase.

Delta Style Slot Hang Tabs:

The most versatile of our hang tabs. The delta shaped wide hanging hole area is built to work with virtually any peg hook either single or double prong, butterfly style or even Clip Strip® Merchandisers. The top middle peak allows for the package to nestle perfectly centered on single prong hooks and its width does the same for wider peg fixtures.

Round Hole Hang Tabs:

These work very well for single prong peg and display hooks and for Clip Strip® Brand Merchandising Strips. They are among our most affordable and fulfill many needs in the market for the smaller and lighter weight packaging.

J-Hook Style Hang Tabs:

These feature an open end which allows for removal of the product from any position on the display hook. When using the same display hook to merchandise different sizes or colors, they make it much easier for the customer to grab the specific item they want without having to remove the products off the hook that are placed in front of it.

Flexible Hang Tabs:

Their “flexible” adhesive area provides the ability to cling to packaging that is uneven and oddly shaped. The delta hole on our version makes for a very versatile tab that can work on most types of display hook and/or Clip Strip® Merchandising Displays.

Box Top Fold Up Hang Tabs:

These are built to remain flat in transit and are very strong supporting heavy packaging. At the store, either place the package on a shelf without using the hang tab (keep it flat) or simply “fold up” the hook area and place on the display. They are designed to reduce packaging sizes while providing merchandising flexibility at the store level.