Point of Purchase Retail Store Fixtures, merchandising displays, sign holders and frames, hang tabs, display peg hooks, ceiling hanging, display construction and much more...


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Fulfillment & Kitting Services

Clip Strip Corp. offers an array of fulfillment and kitting services aiding our customers with:

Fulfillment & Kitting

  • Loading Product onto Clip Strip Merchandisers
  • Attach Hang Tabs onto your Product Packaging
  • Placing S-hooks on Strips
  • Attaching Peel and Stick printed labels on Strips or on our Label Holders
  • Place Power Panel Display Hooks on Corrugated Displays for Floor or Wings
  • Attach Product Stops to your Display Hooks
  • Insert any instructions, brochures if required
  • Bag it all as you request, label the bags, boxes and place it all into Master Cartons, etc
  • Any additional labeling, paperwork all as required
  • Ship to you, D.C’s , anywhere you require

Kitting & Fulfillment

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