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Point of Purchase Retail Store Fixtures, merchandising displays, sign holders and frames, hang tabs, display peg hooks, ceiling hanging, display construction and much more...


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Types of Businesses We Service

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It all started with Supermarket chains. Our very first Clip Strip® Brand Merchandising Strip was such an exciting innovation in 1980, one of the largest supermarket chains on the west coast (which still remains one of the largest today), was the first to partner with us to bring “dead space” to life.  

Since our beginning, the kinds and quantities of niche types of retail stores have exploded but supermarkets remain a very important, if not our most important, outlets.

We carry a product line that is very suited for gondola style shelving and wire rack fixtures, all popular point of purchase displays at retail. Supermarkets are normally serious merchandisers looking to gain the customers attention in many unique and varied ways. From the ceiling they use our jack chains or grid hooks to hang signage, from the windows they use our banner hangers or suction cups for poster displays, in the aisle you will see our shelf edge sign holders are all throughout the stores, and of course Clip Strip® Brand Merchandisers are in every corner imaginable helping to increase impulse sales.

Some Popular Products used at Supermarkets:

Roto Clips - They clip on anywhere and are very popular ways to communicate. They swivel in any direction and work in any area with heavy product movement.

Metal Sign Holder Frames - These are staple signage devices used virtually in all corners of the globe on table top type display fixtures, produce being one of them. It is easy to change out messages by sliding new signage through the top. They have strong, flat bases that lie underneath the product for stability.  

Shelf Dividers - If you want an easy, affordable solution to neat shelving, these accomplish the goal for retailers of all kinds. Keeping products from mixing with each other makes the customer experience much easier and helps boost sales by limiting confusion.

Sign Toppers - Magnetic Sign Toppers are the perfect sign holder for placement on top of gondola back walls, making for great ways to market to retail customer’s big messages that must be communicated to maximize sales.

Shelf Edge Sign Holders - The price channel is a very important part of in-store marketing; most customer decisions take place the moment they are standing in the aisle in front of product. Our shelf edge sign holders provide flush or flag style signage helping brands gain the attention over the competition or provide supermarket planners exciting ways to communicate.  

Channel Systems - Retail shelving without price channels benefit from our channel systems which create multi- function ways to communicate.

Hook Systems - Peg Hook Systems are used on pegboard, standard slatwall and in many temporary corrugated displays. They are critical merchandising components that aide in maximizing distribution on these point of purchase store fixtures. 

Display Construction Products - All throughout a retail supermarket are floor displays and we carry a host of fasteners that help build a quality display that provides a professional look and helps it stay in shape throughout the perils of heavy store aisle traffic.

Metal and Plastic Sign Holder Frames - Go to almost any supermarket and you will see the meat department full of these sign holders. They are the most popular way to market and speak to customers in this store zone.    

Literature Holders - On top of deli counters, our literature holders are known to be used to alert customers of specials, brands, etc.  

Ceiling Hanging and Window Systems - Our product line in this area is diverse; ceiling hooks of many styles, chains, cords, banner hangers, wall mount sign holder products and suction cups, all to help speak to customers at retail.

Wire Fixture Sign and Label Holders - These are very popular products for retailers to display pricing or product information from any kind of wire rack, anywhere in the store.

Floor Banner Stands - Make a grand splash with our durable 22” x 28” banner/poster holder with the number one thing you want each customer to know when coming in or leaving the store. Easily change out posters with the new message of the day, week, etc. A must for any smart marketer.  

Clip Strip® Merchandisers - And of course, our invention, the Clip Strip® Merchandising Strip, can be utilized anywhere in the store in places such as checkout, from Gondola’s, off wire racks, on refrigeration doors with suction cups or our cooler door hanger, off end caps, you name it. When looking to bring Dead Space to Life™, the Clip Strip® Brand Merchandising Strip is still the most versatile solution in merchandising today!

Retail Department Stores

Department stores throughout the world are run by very savvy marketers, merchandisers and retail store planners. Each and every detail of their in-store operations goes through rigorous pre-implementation, research and testing before it ever goes live. This includes product merchandising and in-store customer communications.

While the more upscale department stores are not big in terms of Clip Strip® style merchandising programs, they turn to us for signage holder products for everything from signs that are displayed from the ceiling, in windows, from walls and off countertops, to shelving and displays.

Brands come to us for hang tabs, literature holders and sign holders for the same uses as the retailers themselves. Store merchandising is a shared responsibility, after all, the mutual goal is to sell, and we all need to do what it takes in order to make that happen.

Our line of products that service department stores is continually growing and this sector is of high value to us going forward. Look out for more exciting store fixture products to help you plan out your in-store marketing accordingly.

Slatwall Accessories - Slatwall is a very common and versatile wall unit used at department stores of all kinds. Clip Strip Corp. manufacturers multiple accessories that are built to adapt to slatwall and aide retailers to communicate and merchandise effectively from these displays.

Magnetic Sign Holders - Metal is a very popular material in the department store arena, and we carry Magnetic Sign Holders to support signage for placement on these types of point of purchase displays.

Literature Holders - Used throughout the store on counters and displays to distribute department store credit card applications, or brochures of different products, promotions or services they offer.

Premium Floor Banner Stands - Floor Banner Stands are a great way to garner the consumer’s attention at the point of purchase. With our durable 22” x 28” banner/poster holder you can easily switch out messages at any time in a matter of seconds. It is also used at entrance ways, near bathrooms and at customer service counters when people are congregating or filtering through one important spot in the retail store.

Ceiling and Window Hanging Sign Holders - Of course hanging signage from ceilings and at or near windows is a very effective method of in-store communications. The messages of course vary but they all help get the message across in a visible manner. We carry C and S-hooks, Cables, Chains and Grid Hooks for direct ceiling signage adaptation and banners such as our Classic Aluminum Banner Hangers which are a staple at many upscale stores.

Flexible Aluminum Wobblers - Our flexible aluminum wobblers make for a very upscale sign holder from a retail display or rack. They can bend in multiple ways, and make for a very fun item that will get attention from the right people.

Acrylic Slant Back Sign Holders - Our countertop sign holders are very popular and are used at millions of locations to convey messages of all kinds right on displays or store countertops. The angle style can make for a very easy read for usage of product displayed low on a rack.

T-Style Sign Holders - You will see hundreds, if not a thousand of these, used in the bigger sized department stores. Slip in messages and change out as needed. Retailers have been using this classic product to communicate in-store and there is no reason to believe they won’t continue to be a go-to sign holder product for effective store communications for a very long time to come.

Wall Mount Acrylic Sign Holders - Walls are of course a place to merchandise products and mount permanent retail store fixtures. They are also a place to get the attention of your customers. We carry a variety of wall and vertical mounts to help you make this happen.

Beaded Chains - Hanging prices from product or a swatch book near a group of products, we carry coupling and connector style metal beaded chains of many lengths to assist in this method of fastening.

Super Loop Tagging Fasteners - Millions of these are used each day around the world to hang price, item info and mini-brochures from products and displays. Count on Clip Strip Corp. to provide you with the size you need, when you need it.

Alligator Clip Sign Holders - Upscale and visually appealing, these originated in Europe as a popular sign holder and made their way to the USA rather quickly. They have very heavy weighted bases which provide merchandisers with confidence when looking to hang a sign on the display top.

Vinyl Pouches - Where do you place prices and sale info? Many of the times, retail stores use vinyl pouches to get the job done and they hang them with one of our different style of fasteners.

Split Rings - We carry metal pear and round shaped rings, snap rings and plastic versions as well. These are products nobody is supposed to notice at retail but they certainly play an important role in department stores by helping get signage attention from retail displays, store fixtures and wire racks, and are even used to fasten signage together.

Suction Cups - Hanging a poster in a window? Count on Clip Strip Corp’s large variety of popular and effective suction cups that will assist in the hanging of signs from windows and glass.

Metal Sign Holder Frames - These come with base wedges that can use the product itself to keep the sign in-use on display tables in retail stores. It is very simple to switch out and change messages and our metal versions stand the test of time.

Consumer Brands

From products that people know and trust to the non-descript and the up and coming, Clip Strip Corp. plays an important role for products at retail aiding in their activation, introduction, promotion and sell through. Retailers are the center of where it all happens, it is the “point of purchase” and their skills in the marketing and merchandising process help drive it all. And of course brands and products are a critical spoke in the wheel of the purchasing process; they innovate, inspire and with create the needed demand for what they offer.

Merchandising has been at our core since the invention that spawned our company. The Clip Strip® Brand Merchandising Strip was introduced to the market back in 1980 and has helped products find real estate at retail stores where none existed prior to the innovation. Our founder and the inventor of the very first merchandising strip, Edward D. Spitaletta, called it taking “dead space” and brining it to life. Since the strip was introduced our company has evolved its merchandising foundation with Pegboard, Power Panel and Slatwall Display Hooks, to a line of the most durable Hang Tabs and many other merchandising aides enabling planned, impulse and cross-sell purchasing.

Brands and consumer product manufacturers call on Clip Strip Corp. to assist with in-store communications for sign hanging in all corners of a store. Brands coordinate with retailers in all aspects of merchandising, all in an effort to bring the best consumer experience at the “zero moment of truth” – at the point of purchase. Our line of sign holder products includes ceiling hanging tools, banner holders, shelf edge, wobblers, literature holders, countertop, wall hangers, wire display, suction cups, magnetic, channel systems, tagging products, etc.

Do you have a corrugated Point of Purchase Display?

These types of displays are developed by many brands for floor usage and/or power panel usage on the sides of end caps. They count on us for important display construction components such as products that reinforce the construction of corrugated displays, to display hooks to hang product and fasteners that bring it all together.

Brands and consumer products companies are very welcome customers to Clip Strip Corp. and critical partners enabling the providing of consumers with what they want, when they want it, whether they know it at the time or not.

Mass Merchants / Big Box Stores

The competition to get into these retail stores is fierce for both consumer brands and store fixture and retail merchandising supply companies such as Clip Strip Corp. They do large volume at lower margins and do not pack their stores with any miscellaneous items, including at the POP (point of purchase).

Clip Strip Corp. does produce and/or market the types of products these outlets consider essential to successful merchandising operations.  No matter how thin the margins are; the need to properly conduct retail store merchandising and inside-retail marketing remains a key to success.  Many of our components are stealth and are priced very efficiently, they essentially are “mass merchant / big box” friendly. 

Some of the merchandising components include:

Sign Holders  - for both traditional gondola shelving but also for warehouse uprights and metro style wire racks.

Clip Strip ® Brand Merchandisers - which are critical for impulse sales and cross selling opportunities

Literature Holders - In use at various countertops within certain sections such as pharmacy, returns and deli etc. to distribute key information that retailers or brands need to disseminate.

Ceiling Sign Holders - Above the head, these are critical to communicating directional messages and certain promos.

POP Display Construction Components - Very important for brands when sending in temporary floor promotions. These retail displays, usually made of corrugated, require an assortment of display construction aides such as peg hooks, fasteners, shelf support items and casters.  All keeping them built-well to last throughout the sales cycle.

If you represent a brand going into these types of stores with product or you are the retailer themselves, you can trust Clip Strip Corp., to understand your specific needs and have confidence that when we say something, we mean it.

Point of Purchase Display Designers

Clip Strip Corp. manufacturers and distributes POP display accessory items that help in the construction, support, movement and merchandising “of and on” temporary corrugated pop displays and end cap wire power wings.  

Displays such as these are usually commissioned by brand and private label marketers through their in-house graphics team, their general marketing agency or a POP design specialist vendor.  Most floor displays for special promotions and marketing pushes and intended to be “in and out” programs, moving merchandise fast.

If the design needs are not important or complicated, a stock display can be an option. We carry a stock floor power panel hook display for those times it is applicable, which will save time and money. But many of these displays require lots of color, branding and sales info so the retail display can get attention quickly.

Our products are in total support of building a store display that will sustain the rigors of a busy consumer aisle and time which contributes to their decay.  Our retail POP display construction components are used by designers from the early development phase through and including final manufacturing.

Some of these important products include:

Power Panel Clips - when hanging a retail power panel display from a power wing or end cap; these clips are the most popular item to accomplish this task.

Corrugated Display Accessories - have heavy items, special shelf design, or parts to connect? Our products in this category will help you construct a very stable, professional unit.

Power Panel Hooks - many power panel floor displays or power wings require display hooks to merchandise product. Clip Strip Corp. carries a full line of standard power panel hooks but also included in the line are butterfly, metal stem easy remove, scan plate versions, and grid style display hooks.   

Count on Clip Strip Corp. to be your point of purchase display construction component provider. Need a custom display, just ask. We develop custom POP displays as well.

Sign and Commercial Printing Companies

A very important part of Clip Strip Corp. is our servicing of the sign and commercial printing trades. They turn to us for important and specific sign holders that are critical when looking to bring one of their printed retail store banners, signs, posters or brochures to life for their customers.  Their clients expect a one stop solution from artwork to displaying their sign or printed materials at retail and Clip Strip Corp. fills most of their needs, whether it’s:

Window and Ceiling Signs and Banners - Retail signage in windows brings in customers, bottom line. Ceiling Signage draws attention as customers meander throughout the store or business.  It is critical to have the right message drawing in customers and/or guiding them in the right direction. While marketers create the right messaging, we assist by ensuring the sign holder works very effectively.  We offer banner hangers and stabilizers, mobile kits, C, S, and U-Hooks, Chains, Assemblies, Installation Poles and Suction Cups to hang posters on glass.  

Shelf Edge Aisle Signage - As customers browse the aisles, the competition for their attention is fierce. Retailers and/or brands must get their attention when and where they want it. Aisle violators of all kinds accomplish this goal. We carry an assortment of shelf edge sign holders making our customers stand out in a crowd.   

A Ceiling Sign Holder - Like much of the window signage, ceiling signage is mounted from above. Sign printers make rigid signs that may need our durable chains, hooks or assemblies to hold them up.  

Wall and Flat Surface Mounted Signs - You will see signs in every possible spot throughout retail stores and in multiple places in a typical warehouse. Having them displayed on walls and many flat surfaces is no exception.  Clip Strip Corp. carries acrylic, PVC and magnetic wall sign holders to aide in this regard. We cater to the sign and commercial printing industries by delivering signage holders with mounting options including, but not limited to, adhesive, magnet, slatwall, channel, wire grid and connectors for warehouse rack uprights.

Floor Level Banner Stands - These retail signs get attention, they are carefully placed throughout entrances/exits and in various other high traffic areas. The sign printer may create vinyl, fabric, paper or plastic sign, we will deliver the appropriate floor banner and sign holder stand to get it displayed.

Countertop & Literature Holders - The printing and displaying and/or distributing of brochures, one-sheeters, cards, pricing tags, etc. on counters and table tops are a large part of business whether its retail stores, hospitals, restaurants, spas, doctor offices; really any business, school or government agency.  Printers come to us for the right literature holder, business card holder, acrylic sign holder, easel backs, metal sign frames, and more. 

Retail Displays - Clip Strip Corp. manufacturers and distributes a varied grouping of sign holders that work off gondola shelving units, wire shelf or racks, attach to many types of display edges with special clip on features, metal units, corrugated displays. We even carry vinyl pouches and wobbler type danglers for special retail sign hanging needs.   

For Price Tagging - We carry an array of price tagging fasteners that printers need to be full service for their customers;  these include loop style, beaded chains, split rings and cable ties.

We carry hundreds of retail store sign holders; our website categorizes them all very neatly for you. Please browse our options and if you cannot find what you are looking for, it is very important you give us all call TOLL FREE AT 1-800-4-Clip Strip (800-425-4778), because we will very often find affordable solutions from our in-stock items that you may not think can do the job or more likely didn’t even notice. We also develop a custom sign or printed material holders to solve your specific challenges.

Convenience Stores and Mini-Marts

Clip Strip® Brand Merchandising Strips are our most popular product line inside of convenience stores and mini-marts nationwide, with our Metal and Econo versions as the most utilized. The stocking and re-stocking of these types of stores is normally conducted by outside distributors and route drivers on a very controlled and residual basis. The same product, week after week, is merchandised in the same spot, etc.   

Metal clip strip products are used as a “permanent retail display”, and get re-stocked, in-store, hundreds of times over.  This makes these more costly metal strips a very affordable display because they are utilized hundreds of times over.

When the product is pre-loaded onto clip strips before it gets to the store, much of the time brands,

Co-packers and distributors use our most affordable and temporary Econo display strips. These are flat die cut strips with standard three-prong teeth that act as their hooks. They are a disposable store fixture once the strip is sold out of product. The store owner may decide to keep the strips around for other product merchandising.  

Another popular clip strip brand merchandiser you will see at these stores is our Sticky Strip™ Merchandisers. They are clear plastic merchandising display strips with all adhesive strip based mounting which is normally for packaging without built-in hang holes. Very popular with chips, pretzels and other snack food items.

In addition to merchandising strip usage in convenience stores, they also use some other product merchandising tools like peg hooks, sign holders and shelf dividers. Like supermarkets, they usually use some kind of “gondola display” system for boxed packaged goods and also wire display racks for large groupings of chips and snacks on display.

Popular items at Convenience Stores and Mini-Marts:

Econo-Clip Strips - affordable, usually disposable display merchandising strips.

Metal Clip Strips - a more permanent store display fixture, these strips are re-loaded hundreds of times over in-store.

Free Standing Snack Racks - made for the top of a counter, this metal version merchandiser is a 2 or 3 station display clip strip, great for impulse sales while a customer is in line or waiting at the deli.

Display and Pegboard Hooks - usually found hanging off peg board in retail environments, and certainly popular product merchandising tools throughout retail globally.

Shelf Dividers - if a merchant wants their shelving organized and a better experience for the customer, they make the small investment in these easily removed clear shelf dividers. They can attach to most type shelving on most types of displays.

Shelf Edge Sign Holders - attached to Gondola style shelving, although not a huge market in these type stores, a savvy owner knows the importance of customer communications. The bigger convenience store chains will be more likely to use these sign holders to help sell.

Label Price Channel Systems - convert a standard shelf edge to a more “labeling friendly” area with the use of this channel adaptor. 

Wire Shelf Price Label Holder - if using Nexel, Metro or a comparable wire display, these convert the shelf edge to a useful channel for branding chips or pricing labels.

Wire Display Sign Holders - any other style wire racking may need some sign holders; this product grouping will cover most bases of retail sign holder needs.

Drug Stores / Pharmacies

Our point of purchase merchandising product line can be found all throughout drug store chains from sign holders on the shelf edge, to temporary floor retail displays and clip strip merchandisers hanging off shelving and various store fixtures.

Along with having pharmacies; drug stores play an important role in the convenience store business. Customers can make quick stops to purchase any number of products from housewares, and gift cards to greeting cards and of course their prescriptions.

These stores for the most part are very modern, successful operations. There is serious competition and the national chains are very savvy merchandisers giving the local drug stores a difficult task to keep up.

Clip Strip Corp. is in support of these businesses that play a vital role in our community whether national chains or local mom and pops. 

In store merchandising and point of purchase marketing is a key component in introducing product to consumers, creating clear messaging to promote via signage, making sales much easier to be realized through different style displays and creating impulse and cross-selling sales from products such as clip strips.         

Products of Clip Strip Corp. you will see in Drug Stores:   

Roto Clips – Swivel action clip-on sign holders that can attach to many different store fixture or display surfaces.

Metal Sign Holder Frames - Mostly used on top of floor pallet displays to communicate pricing, they can be re-used when new promotional opportunities arrive at the store. They have flat bases that support them upright. Change out the printed messages through the opening on top of the frame.  

Shelf Dividers – Our plastic, clear shelf dividers are very easy to implement in-store and can be used with many different types of shelving.  They provide an affordable solution to creating a quality retail customer experience making it very easy to distinguish between product on shelves.

Sign Toppers -  Signage on the top of metal retail displays is certainly needed and we provide magnetic versions to help create stable, visible store communications.

Shelf Edge Sign Holders – Most drug chains use typical gondola systems, some with price channels built-in and some without, most with perforated shelving. Clip Strip Corp. carries a large assortment of shelf edge sign holders that snap into the channels or shelf front top perforations for easy flag or flush signage. We also carry channel adapter strips that will convert a flat edge to an acceptable price channel version.

Channel Systems – Communicating at the edge of a shelf or a display is that key “last 3 feet” of opportunity to ensure the customer buys into your product. We have systems that create sign holder channels you need to make this eye level marketing space convert.   

Hook Systems –  Display Hooks are very popular in these types of retail stores. Used on power wings at the end caps of an aisle, down the aisle itself, on temporary floor displays or on other slatwall and pegboard store fixtures. Merchandising from peg display hooks provides flexibility and large quantity opportunity at retail.      

Display Construction Products – Temporary floor retail displays are sent in from brands to the store and we carry a full line of display fasteners that help build these to be stable. Need a power wing? We carry standard sized metal power wings for end caps and stock corrugated floor displays to aide in affordable floor promotions.

Vinyl Pouches – Attached to refrigerator doors, off shelving displays, etc., our vinyl pouches are very popular at the point of purchase for pricing and promotions.    

Ceiling Hanging and Window Systems – Communicating to retail customers from above is a big aspect of the function of sign holders.  Drug chains use our ceiling hanging products for all kinds of communicating from above or at the window. Whether it hooks, clamps, cords, cable assemblies, banner hangers and suction cups, we carry what you need to draw customers in or keep them informed in-store.   

Wire Fixture Sign and Label Holders – Much of the interior of these types of store utilize wire metal racking or fencing for displays. Whether its label holders, spring clips, wire basket sign holders, etc., count on Clip Strip Corp. to have the right merchandising communications aides for your wire retail display sign holder needs.  

Floor Banner Stands -  Most drug stores have a floor banner stand upon entrance communicating some promotion.  Our versions are very popular in this regard. They come standard in a 22” x 28” poster size and messages are easily changed out from the top. We have a wire basket brochure holder that attaches to the stand for circulars and other printed material.   

Clip Strip® Merchandisers – Our clip strip products are seen all throughout these stores. Either our temporary use Econo or Posi-Lok molded merchandising strips are in use, or you will notice snack food packaging without built-in hang holes on our adhesive based Sticky Strips™ and when it comes to route driver re-stocked strips, our very durable metal clip strips are in action.

Boutiques / Small Stores

Small retail stores are the backbone of our economy and valued customers of Clip Strip Corp. No matter how big or small an order is; we treat everyone equal.  Our name Clip Strip Corp. exists because we were founded on an invention, the Clip Strip® Brand Merchandising Strip back in 1980, but since then we have evolved into a full line point of purchase merchandising component and retail sign holder communication products organization.

What do “boutiques” use from Clip Strip Corp.? 

It can be any one of our products depending on the style of the store, but the typical “boutique” would use our sign holders, literature holders, ceiling and window systems and some of our product merchandisers. Our Clip Strip® Merchandising Strip products are not widely used in boutiques, only because they are usually looking to give out a more high-end, luxury merchandising style.

But among the product areas they do use within our product categories, the following are the most widely purchased:

Countertop Sign Holders  - on table displays or on the counter, these sign holders come in T-style, Slant Back, Easels, Metal Frames, Rigid Gripper PVC, you name it. 

Roto-Clips - these clip-on swivel sign holders have a very unique look and can give off a chic style when used in the right conditions. They are versatile and can hang signs from many surfaces, in many ways.

Flexible Aluminum Wobbler Sign Holders - these can be connected to a store fixture, shelf or even a product and then to a sign for proper display and can bend in many directions for great look. The silver color and unique shape provide a very upscale look.

Floor Banner Stands - upon entrance to a boutique, these banner stands can make for a great way to welcome customers or introduce key products/services. Signs are changed out very easily as needed.

Pegboard and Slatwall Hooks - these merchandising display hooks are used throughout boutiques off slatwall especially. Slatwall has an especially upscale feel, use our display hooks to make the most out of the space.

Literature Holders - like countertop sign holders, these are placed on tables as well, but are for the distribution of brochures and sell sheets.  We have different styles and kinds to choose from.

Ceiling and Window Systems - the window is critical to drawing in retail customers and our classic aluminum banner hangers are very upscale, creating the look boutiques desire. As far as ceiling signage, boutiques, like all businesses, need to hang signage throughout the store from their ceilings to communicate. You can count on Clip Strip Corp. for all the accessories you need such as ceiling hooks, clips, cables and banner hangers of all kinds.

Suction Cups - need to attach a sign to the window; suction cups are the most popular choice, we have a complete line to cover your needs.

Keep in mind, when your qty. needs fall below our web/catalog minimums, please give us a call at 1-800-425-4778 or Contact US online for a quote.

Co-Packers/Fulfillment Houses

Consumer package goods manufacturers, and “brands” send out much of their product manufacturing, packing, point of purchase display and signage fulfillment and product allocation to outside resources such as contract manufacturers, co-packers, fulfillment houses  and distributors.  

Much of the time, these companies are tasked with the point of purchase merchandising needs that go along with the product at retail. They purchase these items on behalf of their customers or receive them from the brand. Either way, some of their tasks in this regard include:

  • Loading Clip Strip® Merchandisers with product, packing accordingly and shipping them to stores on behalf of brands.
  • Taking hang tabs and adhering them to packaging then placing the package on display strips or on peg hooks.
  • Building out temporary corrugated power panel floor displays and/or wire metal power wings, loading on the peg display hooks and eventually the product.  When building point of purchase corrugated displays, they use our display construction fasteners, shelf supports and casters to make a display on spec with the requirements.
  • Fulfillment services load printed brochures into literature holders for mass distribution to retail outlets. And it’s not extraordinary to find a fulfillment house bring in sign holders of all kinds, load a client’s printed signage, and marry the two and send off to various retail outlets.  

Clip Strip Corp. carries the products you will need to make the above happen smoothly, some are included here:

Clip Strip® Brand Merchandising Strips - Our founder’s invention, the Clip Strip® Brand Merchandising Strip, is used all throughout retail channels globally to merchandise product. It comes in economy models, more durable molded plastic versions like our “Original” or Posi-Lok series, and in metal for a more permanent merchandising strip display and also in our newest style, an adhesive based mounting strip that holds many plastic packages without hang holes very easily, our Sticky Strip™.

Hang Tabs - We distribute a complete line of standard packaging hang tabs that adhere to product packaging via sombrero, delta or round holes and a j-hook style attachment; they mount to peg hooks and clip strips.

Peg Hook/Display Hooks - Co-packers and fulfillment houses will use our power panel hooks for wire power wings or corrugated floor display product merchandising when packing out these types of units.

Literature Holders - We carry a variety of literature holders that receive multiple printed flyers or brochures per piece for mass distribution in various business and services outlets.

Display Construction - The need to ensure all POP displays are securely built is critical when working with a savvy brand marketer. Clip Strip Corp. manufacturers and distributes the following retail display construction products that are used with this goal in mind:

Fasteners -  We carry plastic fasteners that are used in the construction of pop displays and the fastening of retail signs to displays. Viking Clips, Christmas Tree Fasteners, Universal Steel Shelf, Post and Screw, Channel fasteners, Diamond Hole, Push Lock, Ratchet Rivets, etc.

Power Panel Clips - Used to fasten a point of purchase display or a power wing to store fixtures and to fasten panels together.

Power Panel Displays - Corrugated power panel displays make for great temporary End caps or floor display merchandisers.

Corrugated Display Accessories - Need shelving on your corrugated display, panel grippers and clips to ensure durability? Clip Strip Corp. carries what you need to assemble a strong point of purchase display.

Sign Holders - When assembling a printed sign with a sign holder and delivering it ready for the retailer to hang “in-store”, Clip Strip Corp. carries hundreds of different styles of sign holders that work from the ceiling, the shelf edge, off the wall, on the counter or display top, on the floor etc.