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ESL Sign Holders - aka Electronic Sign Label Holders

ESL Sign Holders - aka Electronic Sign Label Holders

Clip Strip Corp. is leading the transition to ESL signage and ESL holders in the USA.

In retail environments, several products are designed to help display Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs). These products facilitate the integration, mounting, and visibility of ESLs on shelves and other display areas. Here are some of the key products used:

- ESL Holders and Clips: These are specially designed holders and clips that attach ESLs to shelves, ensuring they are securely fastened and easily readable by customers. They come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different ESL models.

- Rail Systems: Rail systems are mounted on the front edge of shelves and allow ESLs to be easily slid into place. These rails ensure that ESLs are aligned uniformly and can be quickly repositioned or replaced.

- Magnetic Mounts: Magnetic mounts are used for metal shelving and fixtures, providing a flexible and easy way to attach ESLs. They are particularly useful for temporary or frequently changing displays.

- Adhesive Pads: Some ESLs can be mounted using adhesive pads or strips, which allow them to be attached to various surfaces without the need for permanent fixtures.

- Pegboard Hooks and Brackets: For pegboard displays, special hooks and brackets are available to hold ESLs securely. These are commonly used in hardware stores or any retail environment that utilizes pegboard displays.

-Stands and Bases: For freestanding displays or countertop applications, stands and bases can hold ESLs at an appropriate viewing angle. These are useful for promotional displays, checkout counters, or informational kiosks.

- Integrated Shelving Units: Some shelving units come with built-in slots or mounts for ESLs, providing a streamlined and integrated solution. These units are designed specifically for use with ESL systems and offer a clean, professional appearance.

- Wireless Communication Hubs: These hubs facilitate the communication between the ESLs and the store's central system, ensuring that pricing and information updates are transmitted reliably.

These products help retailers efficiently manage and display ESLs, enhancing the shopping experience by providing accurate, real-time information to customers.


Electronic sign labels ("ESL") are digital display devices used to hold and display electronic signs or digital content. They replace traditional paper or static signs with dynamic digital screens, offering more versatility and interactivity. Here are some key features and uses:

- Digital Displays: They use LCD, LED, or e-ink screens to show information, advertisements, or instructions.

- Content Management: Content can be easily updated and managed remotely through software, making it simple to change displays without physical replacements.

- Interactivity: Some electronic sign holders are touch-enabled, allowing for interactive content such as menus, directories, or maps

- Versatility: They can display a wide range of content, including text, images, videos, and animations.

- Applications: Commonly used in retail, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, and corporate environments for wayfinding, promotional displays, announcements, and more.

These devices enhance the user experience by providing dynamic, up-to-date information and reducing the need for physical sign replacements.

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