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What do you need to know about my packaging?

“What do you need to know about my packaging?”

The goal is to display your product as attractively as possible and thus generate sales for the retailer and of course, for you. We offer a range of strips because packaging can vary a great deal. In order for us to help you get the best strip match for your merchandise we need to know something about the packaging you use.

Here are some key factors:

Overall size: Height, Width and Thickness

Thickness: Is the thickness uniform or does it vary?

If it varies, where is it the thickest (usually at the bottom)? The dimensions of the thick and the thin part of the package.

Hang hole: Does your package have a hole to hang it off a strip or peg hook?

Type of hang hole: Round, Triangular, “Sombrero,” Extended Oval

Weight: Weight of each package

Type of Packaging: Blister Pack, Polybag with a fold-over header, Clamshell, Cardstock, etc.

No Packaging: Sometimes there is no packaging. It could be a tube of sun-block cream or a bottle of lens cleaning solution. In these types of situations a custom strip may be required (such as a “bandoleer” strip) or hang tabs in combination with a standard strip may be the best solution.

The Right Clip Strip®:

Having the above information available to share with us can be invaluable in helping select the best strip solution for your needs. Unless there is simply no time available, we will send you samples of our selected strip(s) for your evaluation (free of charge). You can also send us samples of your packaged merchandise for testing at our facilities.

Either way, it is important that Clip Strip® and product are tested together prior to shipment to stores. It’s the only way to make sure that you have a good match and a great looking display that will attract the eye and create sales!

Labels: If you need a label for your strip; to promote your brand or for pricing or inventory control purposes, our print division is fully capable of serving your needs. Give us a call in that regard, and we will be happy to quote you.