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Walmart Dept 82 Clip Strip ® Brand Impulse Strips - Approved Vendor

Walmart Departmant 82 Clip Strip® Brand Impluse Strips - Approved Vendor

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We appreciate your interest in Clip Strip Corp., an “APPROVED” Walmart Impulse Strip Program Vendor. Here you will find all the information you need to get started with ordering your Impulse Strips and Labeling options, for creating merchandising displays for Walmart®. Included is an Overview of the Program and downloadable files for labeling information, pricing and credit information.

Please Note: Walmart Impulse Strip Program Pricing is ONLY applicable for Walmart Impulse Strip Programs and must follow the Walmart Impulse Strip Guidelines.

Getting Your Pre-Labeled Walmart Impulse Strips:

• Walmart Vendor/Clip Strip Corp customer completes the attached “Item Specification Form” which includes all the Walmart Dept. 82 label information. (We have a blank form and a completed example form).

• Customer emails or uploads the completed “Item Specification Form” to walmartstrips@clipstrip.com

• Customer provides Clip Strip Corp with a PO. Purchase Orders are not approved without final Walmart label approval.

• Customer either pays with a credit card or other up-front payment or, when credit is approved the process continues on credit. (Use our credit application).

• Clip Strip Corp creates the Strip Header Label and sends it to Walmart for approval.

• After Walmart approves the label, a custom part number is provided and the order is entered and sent to Clip Strip Corp. for a lead time.

• The time from the placing of an order to the delivery of the goods depends upon our current schedules.

• This is the Walmart approval process: if your Impulse Strips will be used for other retailers, you will be required to obtain those approvals.

• Walmart Impulse Strip Program orders must be placed through Clip Strip Corp’s customer service representatives via email at walmartstrips@clipstrip.com.

• If you want plain, non-labeled Impulse Strips, they may be purchased without labels attached – however, pre-printed Walmart approved labels must be purchased from Clip Strip Corp at the same time for the same quantity of Walmart Impulse Strips. In summary, to receive Walmart Approved pricing you need, at minimum, to purchase strips and printed labels from us, you can opt to attach the labels to the strips yourself.


• Orders must be in multiples of 500 due to the standard case pack.

• S-hooks are not attached to our Impulse Strips unless customer requests. A custom quote will be required to attach S-Hooks.

• China delivery is available upon request, (from our China facility).

• Plain Impulse Strips may be purchased with pre-printed labels, and you can opt to attach the labels yourself. But pre-printed labels are a minimum requirement to be purchased, with approved strips, for these program prices.

• Plain Impulse Strips may be purchased with approved, pre-printed labels attached by Clip Strip Corp.

• Walmart requires all Impulse Strips to be pre-labeled, when delivered to Walmart.

FREE SAMPLES provided upon request.

• Lead time estimates (see below) for pre-labeled strips begins once a credit approved P.O. or prepayment on a P.O. is made and received by Clip Strip Corp., and the label approval has been received from Walmart.

• Clip Strip Corp. sends your completed forms to the Walmart Dept 82 buyer for approval, no matter which dept your product is for. This is the proper approval channel that we are required to follow.

Walmart Impulse Strip Program Q&A:

Q: Is pre-loading my merchandise onto the Walmart Impulse Strips required?

A: Yes! It is very important to only use Walmart Approved Impulse Strips in order to ensure your compliance with Walmart requirements. We suggest you contact your Walmart buyer for instructions. (If you need assistance loading your Impulse Strips, we provide this service at Clip Strip Corp.).

Q: Do I need “S-Hooks to hang my Impulse Strips?

A: Walmart usually requires that S-Hooks are included with the Impulse Strips. Please contact your Walmart buyer for your specific requirements.

Q: Are the header labels pre-applied to the Strip?

A: Yes! Walmart requires all Impulse Strips to be received with Header Labels attached. We can provide this service for your or you can label the strips yourself. Using Clip Strip Corp. for labeling will provide significant cost savings to you the supplier!

Q: If I use your service, how do I get the header label information to you?

A: Our team will email you or you can download the “Item Specification Form” that provides all the necessary information that you will need to get from Walmart that goes on the header label.

Q: What should I know about the master cartons?

A: You work with your Walmart buyer on how many strips Walmart wants per master carton and how many product packages they want on each strip. but we can say normally its 10 to 12 products on each of 2 strips per master carton. Its also mandatory in most cases to have one 3.5" wide x 2.75" tall master carton label on each of the 4 sides to a master. The info on the label is derived from the excel spec form (see attachments below).

Q: My packaging doesn’t have a built-in hang hole, do you provide hang tabs?

A: Yes, we have an extensive line of hang tabs to suit the majority needs. Just ask your Clip Strip Corp. Customer Service Rep for help.

Lead Times:

• Up to 5,000 pre-labeled Impulse Strips – approximately 2-3 weeks for production

• From 5,000 – 20,000 pre-labeled Impulse Strips – approximately 3-5 weeks for production

• Above 20,000 pre-labeled Impulse Strips– approximately 5 weeks

*Our lead times can vary based on the current schedules at the time the approved PO is entered in our system.

**Leads time are usually shorter for plain Impulse Strip orders without labels

***If you require additional work such as loading s-hooks on Impulse Strips, loading product to Impulse Strips with or without the use of hang tabs, lead times will be provided at the time of purchase


Walmart® Approved Impulse Strip Specifications and Pricing Information (PDF)

Walmart® Impulse Strip Header Label Item Specification Form (EXCEL)

EXAMPLE of Walmart Impulse Strip Header Label Item Specification Form (EXCEL)

Walmart® Approved Clip Strip® Impulse Merchandiser Strip Program Overview (PDF)

Walmart® Master Shipping Carton Label Document (PDF)

Clip Strip Corp. Credit Application Form

Walmart Impulse Strip Sales Contact at Clip Strip Corp:

Walmart Vendor Support

Tel: 1- 800- 4-CLIP-STRIP (1-800-425-4778)

Fax: 201-342-1438

Email: walmartstrips@clipstrip.com

[Contact us for a price at 1-800-425-4778]
  • PERFORATED Every 3 Hooks
  • Hooks Spaced 1.5625" Apart
  • Made of 24 Mil High Density Polyethylene
In stock

[Contact us for a price at 1-800-425-4778]
Walmart Approved Impulse Strip - for Walmart Stores - MOLDED VERSION
In stock

[Contact us for a price at 1-800-425-4778]
  • 24 MIL
  • Hook Spacing is 2" Apart
  • Three Prong Teeth Hook Lok feature prevents dislodging of product during shipment

In stock

Minimum quantity for "Clip Strip® Brand "Walmart Dept 82 Approved" Folding Merchandiser Strip, w/ Header, 12 Hooks, 25" Long, WMS-FS-30" is 100.

[Contact us for a price at 1-800-425-4778]

Walmart® Rollback label holder / frames for the shelf edge

In stock