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Why the Hottest Ecommerce Companies are Moving into Physical Retail

December 4th, 2018 in category Industry News
by Clip Strip Corp

When everybody is moving towards the online shopping, the fastest growing e-commerce companies are starting to think differently. They are moving to integrate some variations into physical retail. They are thinking to make a proper balance between the offline and online marketing.

This trend is becoming more popular in the recent years. Now the hottest e-commerce companies are looking forward to physical retail. Reasons are many. They are looking profits from both the sources. They are trying to establish themselves in the physical retail while maintaining a stronghold in the online marketing.

Many popular names will come in this regard that includes Warby Parker, Bonobos, and Indochino. If you want to know the reasons for this growing trend, then go through the followings:

1. Natural Extension

The e-commerce companies are considering the physical retail as they want to get more profits from their established online business and the physical retail will only be the natural extension of their brand. They won't have to do much to promote the physical retail as they are already established and recognized by the customers.

They can promote it through some simple ways such as print media, and some other offline and online campaign. They can promote it through different means that include:

  • their online stores
  • their social networking sites
  • print media
  • email

2. Human Element

According to research reports, eighty-five percent of buyers prefer to buy their clothes, accessories, and other requirements through physical stores. They want to see, test and touch the products before the buying.

Another thing is that physical retail helps to create a proper bond between the retailers and the customers. They can personally interact with buyers and take in their views for improvements. In the physical, you can use product merchandising for bonus sales, by doing things such as placing your products on Display Strips, to cross-sell or upsell.

3. Excellent PR Move

If you open a physical retail store and use proper channels for the promotion, then obviously it will create a positive impression for your brand. You can create brand awareness through many different means.

The customers will also visit your store to know more about your products. If you are a successful online retailer, then the opening of your physical retail can get the attention of a broad audience and that will ultimately increase traffic and revenue of your online store. You will get profits from both avenues.

If you open your store with all the preparation to impress the customer in the best possible way, then you can create a long lasting impression that will motivate your customer to revisit your site and your physical store more often.