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Useful Tips on How to Use Post-Purchase Communication to Increase Sales

November 12th, 2018 in category Industry News
by Clip Strip Corp

Today’s internet marketplace contains numerous marketing products and services, and the marketers are aggressively competing to get a piece of the same pie. The noise from all the advertisements makes it almost impossible for clients to distinguish one product’s benefits from another.

As the sound increases, you can find yourself asking: How can one get noticed in such a crowded niche where communication is the issue?

This article seeks to help you understand how to use post-purchase communication to increase sales.

Ensuring that Customers Get Confirmation Messages

To provide optimal value to the customers, you need to send customized messages to them immediately after they make a purchase. If you intend to send them messages, the chances are that you already know a bit of their purchase behavior. As they buy, make sure to collect information such as:

  • Email addresses
  • Shipping addresses
  • Credit card numbers
  • Names
  • Phone numbers

You can utilize this data to add value to your businesses’ future communications via personalization.

Sending Value-Add Messages to Customers

You need to ensure that your clients get the most out of their purchase. You can send them tips and tricks that improve the value of their investment and strive towards nurturing the best brand experience.

You can achieve this in-store by providing information on signs, some can be displayed from the popular gondola metal store fixtures using magnetic sign holders, as they will help you to communicate effectively to your customers and employees as well. By so doing, you will not only boost your post-purchase relationship with your clients, but you will also drive repeat purchases.

Product Reviews

Make customers part of your business by giving them a voice by encouraging them to review products. Make it suitable and comfortable for them to give feedback, but be conscious on timing. Clients should give reviews after they have purchased the product and get an experience with it. This way, they will get a sense of purpose making them loyal to your products and services.

Use of Referrals and Sharing

Make it easy for clients to share their experience with the purchase to their friends via social networks. By doing so, your customers will become product advocates and your brand will reach to their social networks and beyond.

What I love most about referral marketing is the social proof that comes with it. Potential customers are more likely to buy a product referred to by a friend or a family member than a brand that they have never heard of, and this will increase your sales.

Cross-sell and Up-sell

Always inform your consumers about additional products or add-ons that are associated with the product they purchase. Strive to be as clear as possible to make it easy for them to research and buy what you recommend. As you communicate, remember that selectivity and relevancy are important. Do not bombard your committed customers with irrelevant promotional information. Use Clip Strips to upsell or cross sell.

In this dynamic business environment, post-purchase and clients retention, your priority should be finding ways to continue delivering outstanding products after their initial purchase. Since, it is easier to sell to the existing customers compared to the new ones, make good use of the post-purchase communication and boost your overall sales. You will be surprised at how easy and efficient it can be. All the best!