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Sticky Strips™ by Clip Strip Corp.

Sticky Strips | Adhesive Display Strips | Product Merchandising
  • Perfect way to display single-serving and smaller packs of snacks (potato chips, pretzels, nuts and candy) traditionally sold in bags without mounting holes
  • Ideal for many different packages with holes as well
  • Available in 12-position versions for smaller packages and also, 6-position versions for larger packages and in two different widths: 1 3/8" for heavier packages and 1" for standard weight items
  • Easy to load - just apply pressure to attach
  • If customer changes their mind, product can be easily reattached (encourages customer and store personnel to keep display neat)
  • Crystal-clear strip (and adhesive) never competes with product
  • Makes for a great in-store presentation
  • Not recommended for LDPE bags and paper/cardstock backed goods
  • Manufactured as individual strips – good for route drivers and in-store set-ups
  • Please store the strips in sealed boxes, leaving the adhesive unexposed with the paper liner attached, and out of direct light.
  • We recommend storage of our adhesive based display strips in a temperature environment of 59° to 82° Fahrenheit (15° - 28° Celsius) with humidity between 20% - 60%. In perfect conditions, shelf life has exceeded 4 to 5 years, but as a general rule, we recommend using them within 2 years from purchase date.
  • Hang with our S-Hooks, SH-50 or SH-75, sold separately

A merchandising display strip with adhesive based mounting, no hooks. This new product innovation was a response to packaging that does not have built-in mounting holes, or ways to easily hang the packaging. This adhesive display strip makes for a fast and simple method to display your products at the point of purchase, saving you time and money. If our standard versions don’t work for you; contact us today for information on a customized Sticky Strip ™. Let the inventor of the Clip Strip ® Brand Merchandising Strip now provide you with this latest and greatest innovation in retail display strips!

Keep in Mind: If our stock Sticky Strips™ aren't the right fit for you, contact us to discuss moving the mounting positions, changing the adhesive strength and/or, in some cases when it may be possible, using different thickness plastic. Of course, "custom" may require minimum quantities, etc.


Need us to load your strips with your product, attach an S-Hook or other fastener, box them up and ship to you or to the end user? Contact us today about our Kitting and Fulfillment services.