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Why You Should Never Correct Your Retail Store Customer

August 20th, 2018 in category Industry News
by Clip Strip Corp

As a retail seller, you encounter all type of customers. Some of them are courteous in their demeanor, and others come with a poor attitude. However, it's advisable never to question or correct the client. You have probably come across a saying “the customer is always right.” In one way or another, this saying is true.

Here are some of the reasons as to why you should never correct your retail store customer:

More advantages come with listening to your clients instead of questioning them

Even if you can see the customer is clearly wrong, you should know that there are no benefits if you make them feel that way. It will just hurt your retail store. The customers may move to your competitors, meaning fewer sales for you. You won't be able to bring them back even with a 50% off coupon of yours they may find in brochure sitting in a literature holder at a nearby business.

It is always a wise thing to look on the bright side of every conversation between you and your customer. Do not make it a one-sided conversation with you giving the instruction and not listening to them. Customers are your greatest assets, and you should not make them feel like your advesary.

Customers are like your close friends, and you should treat them as if you are treating your family. Go a step above your call of duty towards them. With this, you will be able to attract more customers.

The customers are spending their money

Remember that you are not giving away anything free and some customers might be extra cautious with their hard-earned money. For them to trust parting ways with their hard earned cash, you have to show them that you can be reliable and that you provide a solution to their problem.

Ensure that the customer realizes that you care about him or her. When you make a promise make sure you actually deliver. Spend your time making them satisfied and they will ask their friends to come and purchase in your store. Be a problem solver for them and not someone who just takes.

Bonus fact: Most customers are good so don't forget that. The vast majority of individuals are not in your retail shop to create problems or steal from you, so you should focus on what really matters. If the customer has a problem and ask for a refund, do not question them, but try to solve their problem and apologize for their trouble.