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Sign Holders - How they Help Sell at Retail

May 11th, 2015 in category General Education
by Clip Strip Corp.

In-Store Communication is a critical marketing method for brands and retailers alike. After all the efforts to get your customer to the store have paid off and now the responsibility is to make sure that these customers find what they are looking for and/or are inspired to make an unintended purchase.

Brands and retail share this task. Brands send signage into stores all the time, retailers must be aware what the message is, their style and the placement. In order for the sign to have maximum affect, no matter where it placed in-store, it must be in produced in concert with the overall retailer plan. Brands should appreciate this type of direction because all it will mean is more success in the end.

Retail signs, displayed with Clip Strip Corp. sign holders, are simply one of the most important components in retail sales and customer satisfaction. Of course having qualified salespeople, the right products and a properly merchandised environment are equally important to signage; it is retail store sign communications that can be the most visual and effective means to speak to all the customers.

Signage can be on windows, off shelving and retail displays, from the ceiling, at registers, on the floor and countertops, all over the store. Of course you need your printed sign to start with, but here we discuss the retail sign holders that will help get these signs displayed or hung in the right spot.

Retail Signage should be looked at as a full process from luring, guiding, closing the deal with the retail customer and sending them off satisfied with their experience.

1) Luring a Customer In:

Did you entice them from the store window with a sign to enter inside? Our banner hangers, suction cups and ceiling hooks can help you achieve these types of store front communications to lure foot traffic. The signs can be sales, promotions, appealing visuals of products, there are many options.

Doorway floor banner stands are very good methods of luring customers into the store. If in a mall for example, they can be placed just outside the front doorway, perpendicular to the entrance, capturing the attention of customers from either side of the hallway. Posters can be easily changed out with different messages.

2) Grabbing Their Attention Quickly:

Rely on your retail signage to be your best sales team. If they work in concert, retail signs will provide the customer with answers to many, if not all, of their questions. Such as what is the best bargain, the most distinctive product, what’s new in the store, how to find what I am looking for, what are the product details and finally what is the price.

Clip Strip Corp. manufacturers and distributes sign holders that can help with every possible in store need. Ceiling Sign Holders, Shelf Edge, Countertop, Swivel POP Clip, Sign Frames, Wall Mounts, Magnetic, Sign Holders for wire displays, and fasteners helping them hang in place.

3) Don’t Forget Customer Service with Signage:

There is nothing more frustrating to in-store customers when they can’t find what they are seeking from the check-out, a fitting room and mirrors to bathrooms, elevators, exits, etc. Don’t let your desire to sell overlook the need to inform customers on other important matters that will make their overall experience more efficient, successful and rewarding.

By using our sign holders in store and keeping in mind all that has been discussed here, you will find more success and move onto improving other areas of marketing concentration. Brands must also take this marketing very seriously. If you believe the competition is out smarting you and out “coordinating” you with signs and clever sign holders, this philosophy can only make you better.

It is important to use sign holders as efficiently as possible. Some brands and retailers go overboard with sign holders and utilize the wrong ones for their needs taking up too much space, limiting their flexibility or spending way more than was needed to achieve their goal. You will be surprised at the options, browse, look at all the sections then decide. And when unclear what sign holder will work, give us a call at 1-800-425-4778, we will be glad to steer you in the right direction.

Log onto our retail sign holders section and browse our hundreds of solutions all to help make your customer communications as effective as possible. Count on Clip Strip Corp. to be your sign holder component provider!