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How to Use the Proximity Advantage When Marketing Your Retail Store

July 16th, 2018 in category Industry News
by Clip Strip Corp

With the latest advancements in digital signage and mobile devices combined with the substantial growth in consumer acceptance of mobile marketing, proximity marketing is taking the retail world by storm. In 2006, there were less than 3 billion mobile subscribers. Now, it's estimated to be over 6 billion subscriptions.

The use of proximity marketing helps brands successfully connect with mobile consumers. By using Wi-Fi technology and Bluetooth, marketing has more power to send marketing messages to consumers nearby – looking to make a purchase.

What Exactly Is Proximity Marketing?

Also known as hyperlocal marketing, proximity marketing is used with mobile technology to send marketing messages to mobile users who are close by, in proximity to their business (about 300 ft. max radius). This makes it ideal for malls, retail outlets, department stores and locations with plenty of passing traffic.

The marketing message is sent out electronically to those with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology in hope of connecting with nearby potential customers. In the physical world, similar to trying to reach someome with a sign communication from a banner hanger, in the digital virtual world proximity marketing sends a user-friendly message to those in the target market electronically.

Top Proximity Marketing Strategies

Bar Code Marketing

As one of the leading advancements in proximity marketing, the bar code is similar to what is used as price tags. Companies are now using simple bar codes (also known as QR codes) to connect with customers. Nearby customers have the option to scan the bar code using their smartphone.

On-the-Spot Digital Coupons

The on-the-spot digital coupon strategy allows retailers to send digital coupons to shoppers nearby via a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth. It has the potential to be used as a powerful tool to help test out new product interests, capitalize on high-traffic, and stimulate sales.

Interactive Digital Signage

Although interactive digital signage doesn't have the power of sending a digital message to all nearby mobile phones in the proximity, this strategy is still highly effective in gaining the attention of customers.

For instance, a digital kiosk inside a mall can allow customers to browse their products and watch previews based on their own personal tastes and preferences.

Why Is Proximity Marketing Effective?

Consumers have the ability to receive information at the touch of their phones to decrease the number of trips, while increasing revenues for the retailer. Companies are also discovering that capturing the shopper’s attention can be used for more than just promotions but also allow digital displays to help them make an informed buying decision.

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