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How to Use Ceiling Signage to Inform and Sell!

May 11th, 2015 in category General Education
by Clip Strip Corp.

We notice that all too many Retailers and their Brand partners are hesitant to include Retail Ceiling Signage into their Marketing Action Plans.

Ceilings are often the least utilized space in the retail environment. Shoppers, at the point of purchase, are after all, a captive audience seeking information –

“Where are the ladies’ handbags?” or

“Where are the 10%-Off Spring Coats?”

They need guidance that gets them to the right location in the store to find what they are looking for and Ceiling Signage Systems and Ceiling Sign Holders are a great method to show them the way. Why are you not taking advantage of this all too often, “dead space” and turning it into an Information/Sales Promotion Center?

We have heard the concerns thought and have addressed them below.


Is it complicated to implement a ceiling signage program?

No. It’s probably easier than most other in store marketing efforts. It’s fairly clear cut as to what can be said from above.


Is it expensive?

No. The cost of signs and banners has been drastically reduced with the advent of modern digital printing methods (even in smaller quantities). So cost is no longer a valid excuse.


Is it complicated and difficult to change out messages?

No. Most of our ceiling sign hanging components are very easy to use and should you have any questions, we are only a phone call away.


Aren’t there safety concerns?

Possibly…. But like anything else, using the right equipment, in the manner it was intended to be used, will result in a positive, safe and profitable experience. The more familiar your staff becomes with the process, the easier and smoother it will be to set up and maintain.


The bottom line is that you will increase your ROI with the proper utilization of ceiling signage holders to market products, services and provide important information to your customers at retail. It should be done with plan, a uniform style and a coordinated layout. Signs should be seen, not obscured by a column or a lighting fixture. Too many stores hang signage improperly or have mismatched signs with multiple color schemes that make it difficult for customers to view the content. Don’t make these mistakes; all of which can actually hurt rather help.

So much of the retail space “above our heads” is currently “dead space;” bring it to “LIFE”. It’s a last frontier of sorts. Signage lasts; it doesn’t damage easily (nobody can easily reach it). It’s an investment that becomes less expensive with each and every day that passes, while it continues to work for you.

Browse through our collection of Ceiling Sign and Banner Holders and if you need a free sample to test, we will be glad to send you one, just fill out the online “sample request form” or call us at 1-800-4-CLIPSTRIP or at 1-800-425-4778.