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How to Save Time and Get More Done in Your Retail Store

January 22nd, 2018 in category Industry News
by Clip Strip Corp

Everyone working in a busy retail environment knows how hard it is to finish everything on time. It would be the best to have super-excellent time management skills. But if you are just starting to find your way around in the overwhelmed schedule, here are some basic starting points:

## To-Do Lists

We all know what that is.

To-do lists are simple, effective and easy to create ways to organize your day.

Write down everything you want/need to do the day before – it will make your next day begin with more focus and direction.

Also, put the most important tasks first on the list.

## Plan Your Action According to Store's Traffic

You can start with asking yourself when's your store full, and when it's empty?

There are traffic foot programs that can count the people coming into your store. POS can also give information about sales during the day.

This kind of monitoring can help you estimate where you're needed the most and prioritize your tasks.

You could plan your whole working year this way.

## Don't Switch Between Different Tasks

It is very difficult to keep your efficiency and focus if you are always switching between activities. Don't do this and that at the same time – do similar jobs together.

You'll complete them faster while saving time and energy.

## Automate Repetitive Tasks

Use some software solutions to automate certain processes in your business and to make computer do your work.

One of the good examples for that is an app called Deputy: it's extraordinary time, attendance and staff rostering software that makes it easy to schedule staff, track their performance, assign tasks and fill a vacant shift.

Read more about how to automate your retail tasks.

## Train Your Staff

In your search of gaining more time, see if your staff can do some things without you. Train them.

Offer them short and efficient training program and make training materials easily accessible. For example, refer them to how-to videos so that they can come back to them whenever is needed, not having to contact you.

## Organize Your Store

See how does your store look like. Is it nice and neat? Do people find their way around easily, including yourself? Or you are spending most of your time looking for something?

Make things easy to find. Label all the boxes and shelves. Put additional shelves if necessary – you can use Metro or Nexel Wire type shelves and label them with these label holders

Really, it'll save a lot of time.