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How to Put Together Unforgettable Window Display for Your Store

October 15th, 2018 in category Industry News
by Clip Strip Corp

A mediocre window display is common for many stores who have no aggressive sales and marketing management or team. How you display your store window will definitely determine how many customers will be attracted to your store, how many will pay a visit and consequently the sales you make.

The key to good sales is branding your window display with signage that will make your store window very eye-catching, unforgettable and unquenchable to the customer's eye. But what are the things one needs to understand in order to achieve this unforgettable window display?

  • Creative imagination
  • Cool products
  • Basic know-how for window display set up and the components required

With these three ideological aspects of window display configuration, any business is able to power up and sell out to its ultimate potential.

But before you even think of the above three things, you need to establish a few things about the whole venture of portraying an unforgettable window display for your store. Some of them include:

What is your ultimate reason for making a window display?

You need to establish if you want to base your window display on the great products or you want to sell out the appearance of the store. Either way, for you to achieve the unforgettable window display, you need to design your window in a way that it will present a place worth taking the time to visit, stand outside and stare at or even get inside and engage more with the products.

What are the products you want to display in the store?

Clothes, gifts, and furniture stores will need you to focus less on the products and more on creating an expectation and a desire to visit the store just after looking at it. Electronics, jewelry, and bakeries allow your focus to be fixed on the products more than the other parts of the stage in window display design.

The timing and seasons

Ensure that, as you create your window display, it runs simultaneously with the seasons of the products. Do interior decorations to insinuate holidays, organizations or seasonal things like "back to school." It will definitely attract people who associate themselves with that particular season.


Let your creations be peculiar and cute enough to create a lasting impression on the customers.