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How to Make Your Small Retail Customer Feel Special

July 30th, 2018 in category Industry News
by Clip Strip Corp

Even though the battle for customers largely depends on product features and the cost, it's equally important to show a demonstrated care and consideration for the attentions of the customers.

While "thank you" is such a beautiful word, often words don’t have the gravity of actions.

If you're in a customer service sector of business, you should make an effort of regularly showing your gratitude to your small retail customers in a memorable and funny way. This not only makes them feel appreciated but also makes them feel special.

This article provides you with six outstanding ways of showing your appreciation to customers. Every attempt to show your gratitude to your clients must be:

  • relevant
  • personalized
  • sincere
  • noticeable

These unique and straightforward ideas will ensure that your show of appreciation hits home with more clients.

The Power of Writing a Note

Go old school and handwrite a precise and a personal note thanking your small retail customers. When was the last time you received a killer thank you card? It's surprising how seldom this effective way of showing gratitude is used.

Write a few notes which are specific and personal, but maximize their impact. Don't bother, and just know that the extra time is worth it! You will make your clients’ day incredibly special!! Everyone loves the prospect of receiving real mail.

Have Some Quality Time Together

There is no need of breaking the bank with an expensive gift to make your customers feel special. Your time is more valuable! Schedule a customer appreciation dinner at a nearby restaurant and order in for anyone who will join you, sit down and spend some quality time together.

Come out of your comfort zone and meet people on the front lines. Get to know about what they do every day. If you didn’t know, this could be a learning experience for the development of your business.

Knowing the pain points of your customers not only makes you improve on your products and general service, but also makes them feel appreciated.

The Magic of the Loyalty Program

Ever wondered why Amazon’s Prime Membership program is so popular? Well, you also can invite your most loyal clients into a VIP rewards program. Many clients love the so called red carpet treatment, as it makes them feel special and appreciated.

Your program for rewards should not be complex, and could be as simple as offering them an annual discount on their anniversary.

Make it Real

Provide your small retail customers with real examples of some other small business owners who have used your products before, and have been successful. Just be genuine and avoid blended ones that could be read like a brochure. This practice will make your customers and prospects feel that they are special and unique.

Offer Discounts

Send a marketing message informing your customers that you have cut $30 off their bill as a way of showing gratitude for their unrivaled loyalty and continued support.

If you're an owner of a mortar-and-brick store, take an additional ten percent off your clients’ purchase at the time of sale, in a bid to say thanks, and make them feel that special attachment!

If you have numerous products at your disposal, just place sign holders in strategic positions that display the promotional materials in your retail establishment. This makes it quite easy for them to identify the promotions.

Honor your Customers’ Achievements

Make your clients feel special, like they are part of your big family. You could do this by recognizing special events in their lives and send small gifts to them. The gift could be a flower or even a plant. The event could be a promotion, a new addition to the family or a birthday. The accurate timing of your gift speaks volumes and is a move that won't be forgotten.

Consider these tips to thank your customers, and make them champions by experiencing that special feeling.