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How to Make That Great First Impression of Your Retail Store

August 6th, 2018 in category Industry News
by Clip Strip Corp

The level of competition in the market and the changes that are taking place in customer behavior dictate that a retailer gives careful and creative thought in designing the layout of his/her store.

The layout of a store can be a major differentiating factor and can position a retail business away from the competition. A store design can also be used to communicate with a customer.

Best Store Layout (Grind Layout)

The store layout is the arrangement and location of fixtures, fittings, equipment, merchandise, aisles and non-selling areas such as checkouts and dressing rooms. It defines the way the merchandise is laid for access and inspection by customers. It determines the store appearance as well as circulation of traffic within the stores.

The grind layout is the best layout to use in any store for creating a good impression. It's widely used in supermarkets. Its main aim is to steer customers through the whole range of products in the display by walking on each path so that customers might buy things that they didn’t initially intend to buy.


  • It efficiently utilizes space in the store.
  • It enables easy storage of merchandise.
  • It accommodates a high volume of traffic and ensures efficient traffic flow.
  • It allows staff to work alongside customers.


  • Has rigid display; customers have to go past item that they don’t want to buy before getting to the things they need.
  • High-security risks.

Best Store Displays

Good shelf dividers display is important in catching customer’s eye. It should have some of the following characteristics:

  • It should be logical: Products that are alike should be grouped together using shelf dividers.
  • The display should use space economically: A mass display of identical products can in times increase the level of sales. The point of sale display can also increase sales. However, it should also be noted that display should not necessarily be too tidy or symmetrical. An art of planned disarrangement is also good.

Accessibility of Merchandise

Products should be accessible to customers as some merchandise (like toys) needs sale demonstration.

Regarding display against the wall; the bestselling items should be placed just below eye level; common selling items should be put on the bottom shelf and the slow selling item at the top.