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How to Correctly Hand-Apply Hang Tabs

Clip Strip Corp. hang tabs (sometimes called hang tags) are used to aide in product merchandising on a variety of display hooks and Clip Strip® Merchandisers. Metal and/or plastic display hooks are used on slatwall, pegboard, grid wall, as well as on corrugated displays and other retail display fixtures that require packaging with hang holes. Most plastic and metal Clip Strip® Brand Merchandising Strips (as well as other off-brand display strips) require hang holes as well to display merchandise properly. If your packaging does not have a built-in hang hole, using hang tabs is an easy way to take advantage of these great merchandising selling tools.

If you are hand-applying hang tabs, it is important to attach them correctly in order to get the best results.

Below are six simple steps to help you hand apply your hang tabs.

1. A clean surface area. When affixing a hang tab, ensure the product packaging is clean and moisture free.

2. Room conditions are a factor. Apply hang tabs in rooms that are not only clean but where the temperature is between 60°-90°F (15°-32° C).

3. Avoid touching the adhesive area. The human body contains oils and other contaminants that can weaken the adhesive and cause the hang tab to weaken its grip on your packaging. Make sure the adhesive comes into contact with the target area only.

4. Quick application. Try and apply the hang tab as soon as you peel it off the backer and apply it with pressure to get maximum bonding power. This pressure will activate the adhesive.

5. Timing on Final Usage. Whenever possible, give 1 to 2 days for maximum bonding to occur before use on a retail display. This time frame creates the optimal bond which is 2 to 3 times stronger than the initial bond.

6. Think about a Balanced Presentation. More often than not, a balanced, straight-hanging package makes the best product merchandising presentation. So, when placing the hang tab on your product packaging, make sure to place it where the weight is equally distributed on either side of it. On a symmetrical package, that would be dead center. This will ensure the package hangs even on the peg hook or clip strip. Sometimes the hang tab has to be off-center in order for the package to hang evenly. Test one until you find the right spot.

This purpose of the above information is to give you the best results from our hang tab for your product merchandising needs. If you need further assistance, contact us Toll Free @ 1-800-4-CLIP-STRIP (1-800-425-4778) or send us an email to info@clipstrip.com.

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