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Get Inspiration from These 3 Retailers Who Successfully Reinvented Their Stores

August 21st, 2017 in category Industry News
by Clip Strip Corp

# Get Inspiration from These 3 Retailers Who Successfully Reinvented Their Stores

As a retailer, you probably know that today’s shoppers behave differently than they did several years ago. They expect more from their shopping experiences, and this has led to many shops making over their space. Some add newer technology to their stores.

Others freshen their brand image or rearrange their store. You need to find a way to reinvent your store without alienating customers who are loyal to your brand. Luckily, you can typically keep basic items, such as banner hangers, and just move them around.

You can find inspiration and guidance for these changes from some retailers who successfully reinvented their stores.

## AT&T

When most people picture a mobile carrier store, they imagine a product-centric area that doesn’t give clients too much opportunity to see how the merchandise would actually function on a daily basis. AT&T is trying to switch to a more customer-centric theme that includes various zones to help clients find what they want.

Various zones show off various AT&T products that are connected to each other or let customers demo all the devices available. To make the interactions seem more personal, associates are also using tablets instead of the traditional counters.

Looking at AT&T’s redesign shows that you can see results by letting customers actually test your product. You can even get rid of bulky things, like cash wraps, that limit interactions.

## Goodwill

Goodwill is known for providing great prices, which is what consumers expect from a thrift shop. Most of its stores are minimalistic, but it is starting to give some of its shops a boutique atmosphere. These specialized locations will have items like antique furniture and designer clothing.

They still use banner hangers and other display items, but the images displayed around the store and the overall layout are different.

This is a great example of how you can attract younger customers to your store with a shop makeover.

## Hy-Vee

A final reinvention to give you inspiration is Hy-Vee. Like most supermarkets, it is known for selling commodities, but its redesign adds more value to the experience. Now clients can actually have a sit-down meal or alcoholic drink at the Market Grill or Market Grill Café, adding revenue to the store.

These new stores also have in-store dietitians to provide nutrition services, such as health screenings and shopping tours.

Hy-Vee shows that you need more than fancy displays to stand out. You should add more value with experts or extra services on-site.