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Check Presenter with Calculator, EZ-Tip, EZ-Split™, Case of 24, RCP-01

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EZ-Tip, EZ-Split™ Check Presenters by Clip Strip Corp. are innovative restaurant check holders which include built-in calculators for figuring out specific tips and accurate bill splits at restaurants and bars. They also include a built-in clear ad pocket stitched on 3 sides that seals closed on the fourth side to use for messages that are not needed to be removed by a customer, saving a restaurant time (re-filling inserts into bill folds) and money (printing these inserts).

Why use our EZ-Tip, EZ-Split™ Check Presenters?

Your restaurant and/or bar may be receiving "Free" check presenters from credit card companies, but don't be fooled, they are not "Free" at all. They directly promote the use of credit cards by your customers at the point they are deciding how they will pay. Big Banks would not be able to provide hundreds of thousands of these check holders out to restaurants/bars "Free" annually as just an additional cost to their companies. This product goes into their advertising/marketing budgets. They know that their logo on the presenters will promote incremental credit card usage at your establishment, more than paying for the "Free" check presenters they just provided you. How? Because more of your customers will be enticed to use a credit card by the marketing, logo, etc on the check presenter. This means more money for the banks in credit card fees and less for you.

Our Check Presenters can only help your business!

* The built-in calculator helps restaurant and bar customers easily "split" the bill at table among groups or figure out any percentage "tip" for the bill.

* Waiters and Waitresses enjoy having them in-house for 2 main reasons, they aren't asked to compute numbers anymore for customers and they actually keep them handy to use the calculators for their own needs.

* The fully enclosed advertising pocket provides a messaging area for the restaurant or bar for promotions that you really only need everyone to read but not necessarily take home, lowering your cost of insert printed cards/flyers and your wait staff's time re-filling check presenters with these inserts.

CASE PACK = 24 (must purchase full case packs)

Some Restaurant / Bar Ad Message Ideas (click below to see ads):

1) Come to Our Bar After Your Meal and Buy One Get One Free with Today's Receipt

2) Visit us at our Other Nearby Locations

3) Thank You for Dining at Our Establishment, We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon!

And there are many more ideas like these here: Click here to view sample ad inserts

Another idea is to co-op the space with a Wine/Liquor vendor: If you promote a specific alcohol in your check presenter ad, talk to your distributor about sponsoring the placemant, after all you are promtong their brand. They can pay you a fee or simply pay for the check presenters. Click here to see some sample liquor ads.

You can even try and have a Wine/Liquor vendor pay for all or part of the Check Presenters.

Check Presenters are seen at the end of a meal. One message may be to promote an after dinner drink at the table of a specific brand or drive the customers to your bar for incremental revenue and encourage a faster table turn. If you choose this route, ask your distributors about paying for this exclusive space.

If you require help with the graphic design of the ads? Just ask our customer service.

Your logo can be stamped on the front of the Check Presenters! Just ask us our customer service.