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5 Examples of Digital Technology Mingled with Physical Retail Stores

Online mobile shopping has become the preferred mode of shopping. This is driven by the desire to improve efficiency and convenience when buying goods and services.

However, people still want to experience the same excitement they felt when shopping in a brick-and-mortar store.

To make this possible, it's becoming necessary to incorporate digital technology when shopping in a retail store. This can be seen in the following aspects:

1. Tablet Technology to Improve In store Experience

The tablet has become a key part of modern shopping. People simply need to glance at the product, make a comparison and pay online using the handy device.

The latest trend entails using Tablet technology to improve the experience at the store. Rather than spending time moving up and down a store, shoppers can look at what is offered via their tablet. The device will also guide them on the price as well as location.

John Lewis and TESCO are some of the retailers using this technology.

2. Virtual Reality Technology

Trying an outfit at the fashion store doesn't have to involve removing and trying out different garments. All you need is simply to use Virtual Reality Solution.

This technology is accessible via large screens inside the retail store that allow a shopper to see her/his image when wearing a particular outfit. All this happens without removing any clothes.

The technology uses highly-sensitive and advanced sensors that capture the shape of the user and the selected outfit. Magic Mirror is one of the stores using this technology.

3. Digital Signage Solutions

The days of visiting the checkout section after shopping may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to Digital Shipping Solutions.

A customer visits a retail store armed with a grocery list and scans the banner hangers and the desired goods. After that, he simply uses an app to make the payments there-and-then using a smartphone.

This technology is being applied by stores such as Sainbury,UK.

4. Browse & Order

This technology allows shoppers to browse catalogues, explore product information and scan barcodes right from their smartphones. They can choose to place an order and wait for it to be delivered, or come pick the item at a later date.

5. iBeacons

iBeacons is a retail store friendly digital solution that is aimed at saving the time and effort while shopping.

Shoppers who have smartphones that feature an app known as Shopkick will be alerted about the latest offers as well as other items they may be interested in. It will happen immediately they walk into the store.

This technology is being used at Macy's , one of the biggest retailers in US.

Making digital technology part of the physical retail store is a win-win situation, for both customers and retailers. Customers get to feel part-and-parcel of a store, have a better shopping experience, and interaction and engagement is taken a notch higher.

Retailers on the other hand are able to understand and improve consumer shopping habits, differentiate value proposition, as well as meeting or even exceeding customer expectations.