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Do Some Spring Training in Your Store!

September 4th, 2017 in category Industry News
by Clip Strip Corp

# Do Some Spring Training in Your Store!

Spring training isn’t just for athletes. This is the perfect time to supplement your employees’ training or simply offer a refresher. Even if your company doesn’t have a sales training program, you can get on track by following a few simple tips.

## Hold Daily Shift Starter Meetings

At the beginning of every shift, hold a short 5-minute meeting. This is the easiest way to remind your staff about the basics of the job and get everyone on the same page.

In just a few minutes every day, you can ensure all employees know the sales goals, what products are new, what sales are going on, which products are sold out, how to organize items on the display hooks, and any other relevant information.

## Have Regular Staff Meetings

Meet with your staff for more than just quick daily meetings; you won’t always have enough time to get through everything during them. Instead, make sure that there are regular staff meetings.

Keep them as short as possible, but make sure you convey all the information you need to pass on. Use this as a chance to review a selling skill as well. Don’t forget to plan fun meetings to celebrate your successes.

## Be Involved

As the store manager or owner, you are in charge for a reason. Put your knowledge and experience to work by showing your employees how it is done on the sales floor. Watch your staff members during their customer interactions and give them feedback right away while the interaction is still fresh in their heads.

## Make a Sales Board

Making a sales board can remind employees about their sales goals whenever they take a look at it, and it won’t take long to do. Use a bulletin board to show sales-related information. Consider displaying the sales goals as well as actual figures for any amount of time, such as the week or month.

Pick a weekly skill to focus on and display that with a few tips, as well. Get your staff involved in updating the board.

## Make a Friendly Competition

Use the sales board to keep track of friendly competitions that will encourage your employees to make more sales or do some aspect of their job even better. Depending on your store, you can try picking a day and giving out an award for the person who makes the largest sale.

To get everyone more excited, make it obvious who is in the lead at a given moment; you can even let them temporarily hold the prize until someone beats their record or put it on a wall mounted sign labeled with their name.