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3 Ways to Implement Great Signage for Your Retail Store

January 1st, 2018 in category Industry News
by Clip Strip Corp

A great signage is a silent seller for your retail store. When you know different ways to implement great signage for your retail store, you can use a signage to assist customers as they navigate to your retail store.

You can also use it to convey product information, sales information and general information, as well as for persuasive selling.

Today, signage can even be rotating if you use roto clip, thus communicating your message to customers in an interesting way.

Here are three major ways of implementing great signage for your retail store.

1. Choose Colors Wisely

Your retail store signage should have colors that attract attention of the target customers. However, don't use colors that are very hard on human eyes. Also avoid colors that are capable of creating a negative impression.

When light colors are used on a white background, they can cause readability issues. This is also the case for blue, purple and red colors on a black background. It's also important that you avoid rainbow and neon color combinations.

Basically, avoid cluttering your signage with unnecessary colors or graphics.

2. Keep Everything Simple

You have limited time for impressing prospects. Generally, the maximum time that you have to impress prospects with your signage is five seconds.

Therefore, make sure that everything that goes to your signage is simple so that you can convey your message without losing the interest of prospects.

Within three seconds, prospects should read and understood or gotten the gist of your message. As such, use modern, clean fonts that prospects can read with ease and from a distance.

Maintain consistency in your fonts, imagery and colors to ensure that the overall feel and look of your signage is aligned with the brand of your retail store.

3. Use a Catchy Headline

A simple rule for designing and implementing a great signage for your retail store is to be short and direct to the point. Use fewer words to convey your message in the best way possible. A catchy headline can be your attention grabber.

The signage of your retail store should also have a call to action or ask prospects to do something and a reason for doing it. For instance, why should prospects buy your product? Will it add any value to them?

Make sure that your retail store signage provides a convincing reason why prospects should spend money on your product or in your retail store.

Customers will buy from your retail store when they visualize themselves as they use your products. To help them achieve this, use words like “you” and “yours.”

Generally, there are many ways to implement great signage for your retail store. Try these three to come up with an effective retail store signage that engages prospects and drive them towards taking your desired actions.