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Wire Fixture Sign & Label Holders

Wire Display Sign Holders | Label Holders

Wire Shelving display units are very popular with businesses worldwide:  retail stores use them for product displays, warehouses use them for inventory, and hospitals use them in supply rooms. Even offices use them in mail rooms and stock rooms. They are easy to assemble, durable and very affordable.  Wire Shelving requires our signage adapters to make them fully functional Point of Purchase vehicles or organized storage systems.

This sign holder fixture section includes products that create price channels where none exist, retail sign holders and sign clips that specifically fit wire shelving's unique needs and label holders that will solve any retail, or storage labeling needed to get the most out of your wire shelving.

Let Clip Strip Corp. solve your wire rack label holder, point of purchase and storage sign holder needs!  If you need a free sample, its no problem, just fill out our online request form or call toll free 1-800-425-4778.