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Restaurant Check Presenters - EZ-Tip, EZ-Split™

Restaurant Check Presenters | Built-in Calculator |  EZ-Tip, EZ-Split™, Clip Strip®

Check Presenters by Clip Strip Corp. are a very unique and innovative product with our one of a kind, built-in calculator and built-in vinyl advertising pocket that is stitched on 3 sides and closes on the fourth which make them very functional bill folds helping both your customers and your wait staff.

Why use our EZ-Tip, EZ-Split™ Check Presenters?

They are not just the standard credit card company provided "Free" check presenters, which may be well-built but have no other positive functionality for your business  besides presenting the bill to a customer (which ours do even better...) and directly promoting the usage of credit cards by your customers (which ours DO NOT). The big financial institutions and banks do not give these out "Free" because they simply like to, their logos stamped on the front and interior of each check holder are very important advertising impressions, which by their very visual presence, push the usage of their credit cards at your establishment, costing you much more in additional usage of credit cards that you may have not otherwise have realized over the check presenters lifespan. These additional credit card fees would cost you much more than the one time cost to simply purchase our check presenters.

Check Presenters by Clip Strip Corp. do positive things for your business!  Like we already discussed, why accept "Free" check holders from credit card companies that help you promote a transaction type that costs you 2-3% or more each time it's used? When your customers see that credit card logo at the point of purchase it certainly is there to sway them from using cash or in many cases from a credit card with smaller fees.

Additionally, our calculator is one that customers will appreciate because it makes it easy, right then and there, at the restaurant point of purchase, to "split" the bill among guests or to figure out a specific "tip" for the bill.  Wait staff appreciates them because they will be asked much less to calculate bill splits and they even keep one on them and use the calculator for their own needs.

The attached vinyl sealable pocket area is great place you can use to slip in messages that don't need to be a take-one for customers. Plus, it takes time and work during server's work hours to keep adding new postcards and leaflets inside check prsenters, if they are not needed to be removed by customers, not to mention expensive printing. In this space you can place ads or marketing messages or a simple "Thank you" with your logo in 4 color. The ads, once inside the closed vinyl sleeve makes the customer understand its not to be removed. And if you want promotional take-away post cards inserted from time-to-time, nobody is preventing you from still doing that as well.

Some Restaurant / Bar Ad Message Ideas (click below to see ads):

1) Come to Our Bar After Your Meal and Buy One Get One Free with Today's Receipt

2) Visit us at our Other Nearby Locations

3) Thank You for Dining at Our Establishment, We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon!

And there are many more ideas like these here: Click here to view sample ad inserts

Another idea is to co-op the space with a Wine/Liquor vendor:  If you promote a specific alcohol in your check presenter ad, talk to your distributor about sponsoring the placemant, after all you are promtong their brand. They can pay you a fee or simply pay for the check presenters.  Click here to see some sample liquor ads.

Need help with Design of the inside ads? We can design it for you and also print them, just ask customer service.

Interesting in having your logo Gold or Silver stamped on the Front of the Check Presenter, just ask customer service.

The "EZ-Tip, EZ-Split™ Check Presenters are the smart choice saving restaurants and bars money, while simultaneously making them money and making their wait staff and customers happy. They are the smart choice bill fold being made by restaurant managers and owners nationwide.