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Shelf Dividers - Adhesive and Magnetic Mount

shelf dividers for product merchandising

Shelf Dividers, at retail, are a great way to organize your store's shelving by cleanly separating products and SKU's, keeping them from mixing together and confusing the customer. Our plastic shelf dividers help boost your sales because with more professionally merchandised products, consumers can easily decide on purchases.

Without Shelf Dividers, shoppers have much harder time putting products back where they belong creating chaos and confusion for the next shopper, which means lost sales. And having your staff constantly fixing this problem is expensive. A small investment creates big results.

To use, clean the surface you are adhering to, make sure it's 100% dry, on our ADHESIVE MOUNT versions, remove the peel and stick backer, align the shelf divider on the shelf considering the width of the product being placed on the shelf. Press down firmly on the sticky area so it adheres to the shelf and begin your product merchandising. To move the plastic removeable, reusable shelf divider to another area of the store fixture, carefullly pull the divider away from the surface, slowly, without bending it and move it to the new location in the store.  On our MAGNETIC MOUNT versions, just place the retail shelf divider partition where you desire on any metal display shelf surface and you are in business organizing your Point of Purchase last 3 feet. Magnetic leaves zero residue of course and is very easily repositioned.    

Not sure what shelf divider is right for your in-store product merchandising needs, request free samples or contact us today for help!  Trust Clip Strip Corp., leaders in POP, with all your important store fixture merchandiser needs!