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Corrugated Shelf Support Clips

Corrugated Shelf Support Clips | Clip Strip Corp.
  • Saves assembly time
  • Ship display knocked down
  • Glue penetrates holes for superior bond
  • Fits up to 3/16" - "C" flute
  • Two popular sizes, sold in sets one male and one female

Corrugated Plastic Shelf Support Clips by Clip Strip are a point of purchase display construction component that aides in building a durable and effective temporary corrugated display. Your product's shelves need to be enabled to hold the product effectively so it’s important to ensure there are no issues by the time it’s fully loaded with product in-store. These shelf support clips are easy to assemble while building a display. You can count on Clip Strip Corp. for a complete line of display construction accessories and be confident you will have a product display that will merchandise effectively at the point of purchase.