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CounterGuard™ Protective Clear Acrylic Shield, Item# CG-1

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Minimum quantity for "CounterGuard™ Protective Clear Acrylic Shield, Item# CG-1" is 40.

  • Any Shape and Any Size. Customized to Your Specifications
  • MINIMUM ORDER 40 Shields
  • Enhances "SOCIAL DISTANCING" - Great when two people are communicating less than 6 feet apart
  • Each scenario is different, but the average shield should be approximately 30" to 50" Wide x up to 40" tall with openings for payment, credit card machine usage and possible product staging on counter.
  • Average recommended thickness of 1/4" or 3/16" clear acrylic plastic (but can vary according to your needs)
  • Can be mounted Permanently or Temporary to counter. Free Standing Shields Available.
  • Rounded off corners and edges can be dulled
  • Can add a colored border edge to the shield to protect customers and/or staff from accidents; therefore rendering it "less invisible"
  • Customers and Employees will appreciate the protection you are providing them!
  • Can also be used on desks and other areas where you want to protect somebody from a close encounter with others

With viruses and other communicable illnesses always seeming to be around, it's time to protect your staff with the Counter Guard™ Protective Clear Acrylic Shield. The device provides a crystal clear viewing area and places an important barrier between two people closely interacting, providing a level of comfort knowing you are "lessening the chances" of PERSON-TO-PERSON passing of these airborne illnesses. Don’t wait until the next pandemic is here, get the shield and start protecting now.

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