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Clip Strip ® Brand Econo Strips

Econo Impulse Strip

Econo Strips­™ by Clip Strip Corp. (aka "Economy Strips") are available in many different styles. They are the most affordable Clip Strip ® we manufacture and are designed to fit most merchandising budgets. These hang strips, also known as product merchandisers, are designed to support lighter items than our other molded plastic or metal display strips in our Clip Strip line of products, and they come with shorter or longer spacing to better adapt to the size of the object being displayed. If you need a header on top of your impulse strip to communicate a brand name or store product barcode, there are multiple versions with headers attached or we can add a printed header card. We also have a folding strip version for certain packing requirements.

If you are not sure which Econo Strip™ Merchandising Strip is right for you, then request a few free samples to test at your business or send your products to us and we will do the testing for you and help to determine which display strip merchandiser is the most appropriate strip for your point of purchase product merchandising needs. We invented the merchandising strip; let our experience work to your advantage.

Need us to load your strips with your product, attach an S-Hook or other fastener, box them up and ship to you or to the end user? Contact us today about our Kitting and Fulfillment services.

Need Custom Printed Clip Strip® Brand Merchandisers, see our NO TOOL/NO DIE stock Strips here.