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Date added: 08/02/2016 Crazy and Creative Marketing Ideas for Small Retailers

As a small retailer, you have to battle out with not only the big players who operate in the same area, but also with similar small retailers in your vicinity.

Nothing is more precious than leaving a great impression on your customers after they are done trading with you. This calls for ingenious marketing to attract and keep them coming back to your establishment.

There are several tips that one can employ to gain an edge over other players. They include:

  • Proper display of goods in stores
  • Partnerships
  • Apply Online for Business Awards
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Go to networking events

1. Proper Display of Goods in Stores

Having a lot of clutter in your shops and stores is a big deal for a retailer. Items stocked cannot be easily identified, and it creates a bad impression on your customers. This calls for ways to improve the display and arrangement of goods. Why not get some use merchandising products to sort out your mess? Order will please your customers, resulting in more sales volume and activity.

2. Partnerships

Small retailers can consider the less taken path -- partnerships. They can consolidate their operations so that they form a large store or player in the industry. This will bring together many customers from the different retailers. With time, sales will skyrocket, and you will laugh all the way to the bank.

3. Apply Online for Business Awards

This is a marketing strategy that works well for retailers that have an online presence. You apply for online business awards for your business in its category. Winning such an award gives confidence to your business and attracts more customers.

4. Guerilla Marketing

This is all about taking the less conventional marketing forms. Wake up that chilly morning and do street art to market your business. Get a clown walking all over the place entertaining people while handing out your business brochures. Interest will get people flocking to your store in the next couple of weeks.

5. Go to Networking Events

Networking has a big strength that people care to notice. Shelve that fear of publicity and gather the courage to attend events suited for your industry. While there is no guarantee for quick, immediate sales, be assured that the word about your business will be out there, and hence referrals will start coming your way. This should be initiated by good relations during the events.

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